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Next Tycoon
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Next Tycoon
Twister Internet
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"Innovation in Every Sector"

Next Tycoon was established in 2019, we are a significant regional investment groupoperating on several platforms and countries. The company has created an industrial ecosystem that includes health care, agriculture, manufacturing, technology and other sectors by making significant investments in a variety of industries that impact both the growth of the national economy and the livelihoods of individuals.
Southeast Asia is currently emerging as one of the most active regions for growth in the world economy. Next Tycoon is committed to offering business services from multiple dimensions to companies entering these pontential markets.
Our Vision, Mission & Core value

To ignite an universal passion for health care, agriculture and technology.

Next Tycoon is committed to:
  • Becoming the preferred provider for customers
  • To be a recognized quality product and services
  • Motivate and unleash the potential of entrepreneurship
  • To provide a next level knowledge of health care
  • To provide best environment for software projects
  • To create a successful industrial ecosystem
  • To raise the value in agriculture business
  • To bring changes into people's lives through agriculture by offering educational facilities and activities that encourage and gather people in the creation of sustainable food and farming.

  • Creating positive impact for provider and consumer.
  • Customer focus
  • Improving Lifestyle

Our Business Units

Our Founder

H.E Dato Sri Hatori

is a dynamic and results oriented with a strong track record of performance in turnaround and high paced organizations.

He is possesed great knowledge and entrepreneurial experience in aesthetic wellness, healthcare, skincare & cosmetics, traditional medicines and snacks manufacturing.

Moreover, he also has strong interested in latest technologies and working closely with world-class programming developers and have launched many interesting IT projects.

Dato Sri Hatori sees agriculture as the next big asset and commodity in world so he has deeply interest to commercializing very popular crop like Durian fruit.

With his 20 years experience in these field, he believes to achieve great result in making a big impact for the society and continue to create and supply products of highest quality following the latest technology.

He also focuses on charities activities and has been appointed as Honorary President of Reachsey Association Branch of Malaysia (RAM) by H.E Hun Manet.

Our Founder
Our goal is drive innovation to enhance customer well-being, lead in customer satisfaction, and expand market reach through sustainable solutions and advanced service delivery.